The Best Spots in Colorado to Take Prom and Homecoming Photos

The Best Spots in Colorado to Take Prom and Homecoming Photos

Prom and homecoming are two of the biggest social events that will take place during your high school experience. At TBC Occasions, we help you find the dress, brainstorm the shoes and the hairstyle, and accessorize the final look. Then, before you know it, you need to find a spot to take all your photos in your beautiful dress. But where are you supposed to go?


Taking photos is one of the most important parts of the dance. You’ll look back on these photos for years to come and remember all the memories. You’ll post on social media, show your friends, send to family members, and may even use them for applications in the future. Many times, you will want to visit the place you are planning on going, so that you know the exact location and know the best place to park (if you'll be driving). The background has to be right, and most times, it’s outdoors. 


Finding the Perfect Photo Spot

#1 Aesthetic and Vibe

Trying to find a place to take pictures is already hard enough – but you also need to find something that will fit with the theme of your event. If you’re taking your freshman homecoming pictures, you may not want to go to a super busy place for your first time. Try asking some of your friends in your group if you could take pictures in their backyard or even at a nearby park. Homecoming is a chance to be young and have fun when taking pictures. Be open to trying indoor museums, neighborhood clubhouses, or country clubs/golf courses. Get creative…even the outside of a restaurant could be an easy spot.


If you’re taking your senior prom photos, you may be looking for a more mature and elegant backdrop or something simple to highlight your prom dress. Consider an open space outdoors, somewhere with limited background distractions. An architectural building or an ornate door are also good ideas. Something with a big wall allows you to keep the same background for all of your pictures. 


A simple way to spice up your homecoming and prom photos could also be adding in a car or limo. Ask family and close friends to see if anyone has an older antique car or even a sports car that they are willing to let you use for photos. What is great about this is that you do not need to drive it to the event, but can rather just use it as a prop!


#2 Weather and Time of Year

When looking for a spot to take your prom and homecoming pictures, consider the time of year. If you’re taking homecoming photos, you can expect to take photos between August and October. This time of year in Colorado is generally warmer, and the sun sets around 7:30 p.m. This means you’ll want to start taking photos around 6:00 p.m. to have enough time to capture that magical golden hour. Depending on the date of your homecoming dance, you may have the chance to capture the beautiful fall foliage; if this is something that you want in your photos, consider a place that has a seasonal aspect, such as a lot of leafy trees. 


If you’re taking prom photos, you can expect your dance to be anytime between late March through May. During this timeframe, the weather is very unpredictable. There could still be snow on the ground in May, but it could also be warm outside in March. If you don’t want snow in your photos, have a back-up plan for an indoor space. The sun typically sets around 6:45 p.m. in March and early April until the time changes and moves forward an hour. Those are the little but important factors to keep in mind (ideally, you want to take photos an hour to an hour and a half before sunset).


#3 Location

The location of your event is also something to keep in mind. If you live in Denver, driving to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs may not be the most feasible option. Below, we share some of the our favorite locations in Colorado to take the best prom photos and hoco photos.


  • South Denver 

    1. 17 Mile House (Parker, CO)
    2. The Highlands Ranch Mansion (Highlands Ranch, CO)
    3. Historic Downtown Littleton (Littleton, CO)
    4. Hudson Gardens (Littleton, CO)
    5. Daniels Park (Sedalia, CO)
    6. Fly’n B Park (Highlands Ranch, CO)
    7. Philip S. Miller Park (Castle Rock, CO)
    8. Roxborough State Park (Littleton, CO)



  • North Denver

    1. Union Station
    2. Commons Park
    3. Washington Park
    4. Cheesman Park
    5. Byron White United States Courthouse
    6. RiNo
    7. Standley Lake Regional Park (Westminster, CO)
    8. William Frederick Hayden Park (Lakewood, CO)




  • Fort Collins

    1. Gardens on Spring Creek
    2. Watson Lake Natural Area
    3. Colorado State University Oval
    4. Horsetooth Reservoir
    5. Old Town Square


  • Boulder

    1. Downtown Boulder
    2. Chautauqua Park
    3. South Teller Lake Trailhead
    4. The Flatirons
    5. Coot Lake
    6. Carousel of Happiness (Nederland, CO)



  • Colorado Springs

    1. Garden of the Gods
    2. Monument Valley Park
    3. Bear Creek Regional Park
    4. Palmer Park
    5. Fox Run Regional Park
    6. The Paint Mines
    7. Rock Ledge Ranch


  • Golden/Morrison/Lakewood

    1. Clear Creek History Park
    2. Lookout Mountain
    3. Red Rocks
    4. Mt. Falcon Park
    5. Fox Hollow Golf Course
    6. Solterra Retreat/Dog Park above Solterra



#4 Crowds

For a larger group, an outdoor park with fields or open space is a great option! This gives you the space to take large group photos. On the other hand, you also get the flexibility to split up and not get in each other's way. You can take more photos, and it will go by a lot quicker. This also allows for less stress with a big group, as there won’t be large groups of people waiting their turn for a specific background. With a smaller group, you can experiment with different places. A friend's backyard, a park in your neighborhood, or even a small section of open space could be the perfect spot.


Pro Tip

Your homecoming and prom do not need professional photos (unless that is in your plan already). However, it's important to plan ahead. More often than not, someone in your group has a parent with a good camera that they will let the group use. Not so lucky? Most phones nowadays have amazing cameras, so ask around to find out which of your friends has the best camera on their phone. Have one person, this may be an older sibling or a good friend who is at a different school, take all of your photos, including most of the groups. Many times when it’s someone you feel comfortable with, you will be more relaxed in your photos. Your photographer may even give you some advice in a caring way  so that you can look your best. If you really want a very dedicated photographer, consider a coffee bribe!   


Having one person take all your photos will also make sending them out to your group seamless. One device means that you can upload all the photos once, and you aren’t waiting on multiple people to upload before sharing.


Time to Take The Pic

Now we have covered all the basics and you are ready to pick the perfect location for your event photos! We hope this blog helped you come up with some new ideas, and maybe go somewhere you never thought you would! We would love to see your final pictures, so be sure to tag us on social media and submit them to us for a chance to be featured! (We listed our usernames below). Most importantly, remember to be yourself and have so much fun!


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