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Prom 2018 is here!

November 15, 2017

Prom Season is Here!

Have you thought about the dress you want to wear for Prom 2018? If not, take a look at all the different dresses we have available. From straps to no straps, sweetheart necklines to illusion necklines, and to long dresses to two-piece dresses, you are sure to find the perfect dress for the evening. With different styles and colors available, you are sure to have a fun and memorable Prom 2018.

Long Dresses

Make a statement with your prom dress for Prom 2018. Find a dress that is flowy and dreamy, like the Pink Sherri Hill 50039 dress. It is a strapless soft pink dress, with a bateau neckline and layers of elegance. A Blue Sherri Hill 50132 dress is almost the opposite of the pink dress. It is still long and flowy, but with an illusion neckline and shoulder width straps. The jeweled fabric is fun and adds elegance to this beautiful gown. The colors of the Sherri Hill 50252 dress are beautiful and sure to add some lovely colors to your Prom 2018. The white and green details of the flowers on the top half of this dress compliment the gorgeous shade of blue. It is a piece that reminds one of nature and its beauty. The flower details really flow with the rest of this elegant and dreamy dress. A La Femme 20844 gown is another beautiful and elegant dress, with beautiful details. The shoulder sleeves lead down to an open back and contribute to the beautiful, intricate details on the back of this dress. The sweetheart neckline adds details to the front of the dress that make it so simple yet so beautiful at the same time.

If flowy is not your preferred style, try the other fun styles we have available. A Mermaid Terani 151O0106 gown is a fun dress, in both shape and color. It has an illusion neckline which extends to the back around the shoulders, which does not take away from the beautiful ocean-blue. The mermaid style of this dress encompasses an ocean theme. The Purple Sherri Hill 51440 gown is another fun dress for Prom 2018. It has a little more volume, as the blue and purple seem to swirl together, creating a fun and beautiful gown, especially from the waist down. The slit allows some leg to be shown, yet does not take away from the beautiful combination of colors in your dress. If you prefer a more form-fitting dress, a dress like the blue or pink Terani 1712P2484 gown is sure to show off your figure. The beautiful details of the flowers and leaves extend to the back of your dress, exposing your back and adding to the elegance of this dress. It hugs your body in all the right places and adds the details exactly where they need to be. This beautiful gown also has a halter neckline and a leg slit. A simpler form-fitting dress is the Tarik Ediz 92568 dress. This dress is very simple, from the color to the fabric, yet elegant in a unique way. The off-the-shoulder sleeves are made up of beautiful lace that is sure to pop against your arms. 

There are many different styles of dresses you can choose from to have a memorable and fun prom. Find the right color and style and you will add to the wonderful experience of Prom 2018.

Two-Piece Dresses

Dresses that come in two different pieces can be fun for Prom 2018. We have many different ones that are fun for everyone. A pink Sherri Hill 51098 dress is a fun two-piece for prom 2018. The top is simple and plain, perfect for the fun and loud bottom piece, with the fun pink layers and flowers printed onto it. The bottom is high low so that you can show off some beautiful shoes too. The Ellie Wilde EW117156 gown is another pink two-piece yet this one has a different top and bottom that go very well together. The top is a sparkly gold, sure to catch anyone’s eye, while the bottom half is a pink tulle ballgown, that seems to go in different directions. It has some volume to it, making it a fun dress that you want to pick up and spin around in. A blue Ellie Wilde EW118003 dress is fun and vibrant, with beautiful colors. The bottom half of this dress is printed with pink and blue flowers that seem to pop against the dress. Lace makes up the top, with beautiful flowers in the details and off the shoulder sleeves. A dress that is sure to make a statement as you walk by!

If you love two-piece gowns yet prefer a simpler look, a dress like the black Jovani 48989 just may catch your eye. The gorgeous black flowers and details against the nude fabric are sure to make your eyes pop. The top consists of some blue flowers, which are subtle against the black and nude of the dress. It is simple, with a leg slit in the bottom half, yet will make a statement. If you want simple but would still like some color, the colors of the Jovani 49532 dress are sure to help you accomplish that. The top is a ruffled pink that goes over one shoulder, while the navy bottom half is long and elegant. This dress is so simple yet so elegant at the same time and still brings in some elements of color without going over the top. The La Femme 23666 dress is not only a beautiful color, but it is a fun two-piece dress because it has pockets! What dress with pockets isn’t amazing? Along with the pockets, it has a fun lacey and floral design that makes up the top and the top of the bottom half of the dress. The illusion neckline is also beautiful, as it draws your eye to the smaller, more intricate details of the dress.

Whether you want over an over the top two-piece dress or a simple two-piece dress, you are sure to find the right style and color for Prom 2018.

Find Your Dress Now

You have time to think about your dress but don’t wait to purchase the dress of your dreams once you have found it. With so many different styles and colors to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect dress for your prom. Whether you want elegant and flowy, bold and fun, or a simple two-piece, your options are not limited. Find your dress that will make your Prom 2018 memorable and amazing.

Check these favorite 14 dresses for Prom 2018!


Prom 2018 styles at TBC Occassions

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