Popular Prom Hairstyles

You’ve found your perfect prom dress here at TBC Special Occasions, now to find the perfect hairstyle to compliment it! Braids are a huge trend this year and keeping the hair out of your freshly done make-up is a must as well. Here are our favorite trending hairstyles that work for dinner, dancing, and even the after party!

#1: Waterfall Braid with Loose Curls

This is a perfect style for those with medium length hair and only want to keep the hair out of their face. The braid gives off a mysterious beauty vibe and the loose curls keep it fun and bouncy. With this look, you will be feeling sweet and elegant!

#2: Fishtail Braid and Twist

This style is perfect for girls with longer hair and don’t want to do a full updo. Creating these bohemian waves give the graceful appearance and then adding a twisting half up-half down fishtail braid will leave you feeling light and beautiful!

#3: Low Messy Bun

This hairstyle is a dream come true for the girl that doesn’t want her hair on her neck. With the messy bun, you don’t have to worry about your hairspray loosening and is perfect for a dress that has lots going on because this simple style will help accent what you’re wearing. Perfect for girls with medium-long hair.

#4: High Pony Braid

This fun an elegant hairstyle requires long hair or some extensions. The volume added with with style is sure to make jaws drop and the braid adds a touch of flair. Accessorize with sparkling jewels throughout your hair too!