Why You Need to Shop Early for Prom

Why You Need to Shop Early for Prom

With school and other activities going on during the spring semester, sometimes the last thing you want to do is think about future events. Why worry about prom when it's almost 2–3 months away? Well, we want you to know that this is common every year. However, when it comes down to the final days, and you're rushing and hurrying to find the PERFECT dress, it can ruin the full experience of such a fun and exciting time in your life! 

Here at TBC Occasions, we want you to enjoy every step of the way until your prom. With our wide variety of prom dresses, you're sure to find the most unique and special gown to wear. Shopping early for prom isn't a secret, it's actually becoming more popular each and every year. By shopping early, you not only get to see all the newest gowns, but you will be one of the first to register your dress (this means you beat the rush and get to register your dress for your school before anyone else)!

By prom dress shopping at TBC Occasions early, you get to see and try on on the fabulous gowns from the new designer lines. Our selection of prom dresses typically arrives between December and February. This gives you the opportunity to try on different styles and colors to see what you love most. Another awesome perk to coming in early is beating the crazy crowds! Early shoppers get to enjoy the luxury of a quieter environment, as well as shopping our full dress inventory. As we approach March, Saturdays get very busy. Be sure to check our business hours and come shop with us during the week!

Another reason why you should purchase your prom dress early and at TBC Occasions is because we will register your prom dress to your specific high school! That's right...we have an electronic system that registers every dress purchased, so the earlier you shop, the better chance you get to secure your dress at your school! We want to make sure each and every shopper can shine and look unique at their specific prom, and one way we achieve that is by offering a prom dress registration program.

Come in and shop with us at TBC Occasions so we can help you find your perfect prom dress!



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