Popular Prom Hairstyles

Popular Prom Hairstyles

You found your perfect prom dress at TBC Occasions, but now you need to find the perfect hairstyle to complement it! Braids are a huge trend this year, and keeping the hair out of your freshly done make-up is also a must. Here are our favorite trending hairstyles that work for dinner, dancing, and even the after party!


Hairstyle #1: Waterfall Braid with Loose Curls



This is a perfect style for those with medium length hair and only want to keep their hair out of their face. The braid gives off a mysterious beauty vibe, and the loose curls keep it fun and bouncy. With this look, you'll feel sweet and elegant!


Hairstyle #2: Fishtail Braid and Twist


This style is perfect for longer hair and for those who don’t want a full updo. These bohemian waves create a graceful vibe. Add a twist with a half up-half down fishtail braid, and you'll feel effortless and beautiful!


Hairstyle #3: High Pony Braid


This fun and elegant hairstyle requires long hair or some extensions. The volume added with this style is sure to make jaws drop (and the braid adds a touch of flair). Accessorize with sparkling jewels throughout your hair, too!