Meet Our 2017–2018 TBC Squad

Meet Our 2017–2018 TBC Squad

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We are so excited to announce our 2017–2018 TBC Squad! These beautiful young ladies are going to be the ambassadors for TBC Occasions and the face of everything prom. We are very fortunate to have such a diverse group of ladies to represent our brand and culture. Each squad member is involved in various different activities inside and outside of their high school. The talent and drive these young ladies have is truly remarkable, and they will go above and beyond in all their marketing efforts! Without further are the beautiful ladies!!!


(From Left to Right)

Aryanna - Arvada High School

Laura - Rock Canyon High School

Mackenzie - Rock Canyon High School

Hannah - Valor Christian High School

Ashley - Legend High School

Bayli - Valor Christian High School (not pictured)

Julia - Columbine High School (not pictured)

Lauren - Cherokee Trail High School (not pictured)

Zoe - Standley Lake High School (not pictured)