A Guide on What to Wear to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

A Guide on What to Wear to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

We’re officially in our Eras era and have no plans on leaving anytime soon. Taylor Nation has swept the world, and we are here for it. If you’re one of the lucky ones who scored tickets to a Taylor Swift concert, then you’re probably working on planning your outfit for the Eras Tour. In our opinion, deciding which album to channel might be one of the hardest phases — each era has a unique vibe. Whether your aesthetic is dark and edgy, light and airy, or shimmery and gold, TBC Occasions has the perfect outfits for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour! From her iconic debut Taylor Swift album to her newest Midnights album, our selection of Eras Tour dresses is bound to match your energy. We did the heavy lifting by creating a list of concert outfit inspo for the Eras Tour. All you have to do is decide which album you’ll wear.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Outfit Inspo

It’s time to make your debut! Taylor Swift is all about blue hues, ruffles, country western details, and curly, curly hair! For many, this is the album that started it all; the songs are iconic and reflect the youthful, girl next door energy. If you’re a true OG Taylor fan, one of these Debut outfits might be perfect for the Eras Tour!


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Debut Album Short Blue Babydoll Dress with Flowers Puff Sleeves and Bow

Sherri Hill 55621

Sherri Hill is the perfect dress to match the Taylor Swift album. This babydoll dress has dramatic puff sleeves, romantic ruffles, an oversized front bow, and fluffy skirt! All that’s missing is a pair of cowgirl boots to modernize the early 2000’s country aesthetic.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Debut Album Long Blue Flowy Ruffle Dress with Open Back

AMARRA 88608

Picture this...you’re in a stadium surrounded by fans as you dance to “Picture to Burn” in this long, whimsical dress! AMARRA 88608 is the perfect dress for the Swiftie who wants something simple with trendy elements such as ruffled sleeves, side cutouts, and a ruched skirt.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Debut Album Short Blue Dress with Beading and Fringe

Jovani 25926

This short masterpiece is giving glam Taylor Swift. The fringe skirt and sparkly beadwork creates a rustic, yet modern look that will make all the other Debut concert-goers envy you. Consider pairing this multi-color Eras Tour dress with some white boots and a jean jacket for the ultimate outfit.


Fearless Eras Tour Outfit Inspo

Fearless is all about the glitter, glam, and gold! This album acts as a crossover from country to pop. The Fearless era includes mini dresses with sequins, sparkle, and fringe. Other outfit options could also include soft, sheer layers of fabric that create a romantic, fairy tale vibe. Whatever you decide to wear, it’s important that you feel bold, confident, and fearless (duh!).


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Fearless Album Short Strapless Gold Dress with Beading and Fringe

Jovani 94288

This is the perfect dress for the one who plans to dance all night at the Eras Concert. AMARRA 94288 has fringe details along the hem and gorgeous beading throughout. This mini style is for the fan who wants a fitted gold dress reminiscent of Taylor’s Fearless album.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Fearless Era Short Gold Dress with Ruffles and Sparkle

Sherri Hill 55209

See the lights, see the party, the ball gowns...this short Sherri Hill ruffle dress is truly inspired by “Love Story.” Be a princess in this glitter tulle ball gown cocktail dress. The tiered ruffle skirt, ruched bodice, and v-neck create the romantic, fairy tale details for the perfect Fearless era outfit.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Fearless Album Short One Shoulder Gold Dress with Fringe and Sequins

Sherri Hill 55143

Look like Taylor herself with this short gold dress by Sherri Hill. Sparkling sequin accents and beaded fringe details make this fitted one shoulder mini dress a jaw dropper. No one will ever shine the way you will in this glitzy Eras Tour outfit.


Speak Now Eras Tour Outfit Inspo

She’s purple, sparkly, and DRAMATIC! Speak Now is associated with beautiful purple hues and romantic, ethereal, fairy tale vibes. Feminine ball gowns, layers of soft tulle, and enchanting accessories are required for this sweet era (as long as they are in the signature purple color palette).


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Speak Now Album Short Purple Dress with Sequins, Feathers, and Beading

AMARRA 94250

With its full feminine skirt and touches of whimsy, this short AMARRA dress features a beaded corset bodice. Detachable off-the-shoulder feather straps and a lace up back add trendy, enchanting accents. This sequin and rhinestone dress will make “Sparks Fly” all night at the Taylor Swift Eras stadium tour!


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Speak Now Album Long Romantic Lilac Puff Sleeve Dress Plus Size Taylor Swift Dress

Sydney’s Closet JK2317

Fairy tales couldn’t find a long puff sleeve dress as ethereal as this, so there’s no denying that you’ll easily pass the Speak Now vibe check. Soft and flowing layers of organza will move with you as you dance the night away. The v-neck and pleated bodice add to this effortless look. Remember to finish your outfit with a red lip!


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Speak Now Album Short Purple Dress Taylor Swift Dress

Jovani 09464

This dark purple dress is the perfect Eras Tour outfit inspo if you want to recreate what Taylor Swift wore during her Speak Now Tour. The short cocktail dress features feminine details like a corset bodice and a fuller skirt with pockets. The mikado fabric creates a structured silhouette and is luxurious to touch.


Red Eras Tour Outfit Inspo

“That red lip, classic thing we all like”! Taylor’s Red era speaks to clean and classic styles, as the colors are cherry red, white, beige, and black. If you want to be picked as the “22” girl, be sure to check out these dresses below. No matter what you wear, your look won’t be complete without a touch of red in your outfit or on your lips. Other accessories to compliment your Red Eras Tour outfit could include a wide-brimmed hat, cat eye glasses, or anything with red hearts.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Red Album Short Red Dress Taylor Swift Dress

AMARRA 87147

Everyone will know that you’re trouble when you walk in to the Eras Tour wearing AMARRA 87147. This simple short red dress is perfect for the Swiftie who wants to channel their Red album energy while also keeping their concert outfit simple. You’ll feel comfortable in the stretch jersey fabric and a pair of Keds on your feet.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Red Album Short Red Puff Sleeve Dress Taylor Swift Dress

Johnathan Kayne 2515

Fun and flirty! This puff sleeve cocktail dress is the perfect look for the Taylor fan wanting to look extra. You’ll love twirling all night as the lights reflect the shimmer satin fabric. If there’s one thing we promise with this Eras Tour outfit, it’s that “everything will be alright if we keep dancing like we’re 22!“


1989 Eras Tour Outfit Inspo

“Welcome to New York!” Or should we say, welcome to the era of blue and purple dresses (bright colors are also okay, but aqua blue and purple are safe options). Even though 1989 is all about “never going out of style,” it’s still important to look girly and fun. To accomplish the 1989 vibe, you’ll want to arrive at the Eras Concert wearing a two piece or mini dress. Metallics, pleats, and monochromatic elements also define this era. Remember to grab a pair of retro Wayfarer sunnies to complete your look.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress 1989 Album Short Purple and Blue Sequin Dress Taylor Swift Dress

AMARRA 88695

We’re “too in love to think straight” about anything besides this mini dress. The short sequin dress is perfect for the concert-goer who wants to sparkle and dance the night away.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress 1989 Album Short Blue Sequin and Fringe Dress Taylor Swift Dress

Sherri Hill 54439

Now this is how you can “Shake It Off” at the Eras Concert! But seriously...isn’t this the most perfect dress for the 1989 era?! Show off your fun side wearing Sherri Hill 54439 with beaded fringe. This short sequin dress features a v-neck, cap sleeves, and a low open back.


Reputation Eras Tour Outfit Inspo

Edgy. That’s all. Reputation is all about the dark aesthetic. Hang up the cowgirl boots and vibrant colored glitter for snakeskin, leather, and dark rainbows. Taylor’s most rebellious era incorporated deep red, dark green, black, and iridescent dark colors in her outfits and makeup. If you’re a Swiftie who isn’t afraid to show off your glamorous goth side, check out this Era Tour outfit inspo. And don’t forget, a black manicure is a necessity to match the mood for any Reputation look!

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Reputation Album Long Black Sheer Rhinestone Dress Taylor Swift Reputation Dress

Jovani 08551

There’s no doubt that you’ll stand out in this daring dress. A fully sheer layer of rhinestones creates a long silhouette with a slit in the back. This masterpiece is giving glam goth, and we are here for it. Black shorts and a black bandeau-like top create the illusion of separate pieces.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Reputation Album Short Black Sheer Dress Taylor Swift Reputation Dress

Jovani 04863

Be bold, be different, and be rebellious at the Eras Tour with this sheer short black dress. The high neckline and long sleeves add an edge, while the sheer bodice, open back, and allover rhinestone sparkle create some glam. Accessorize this Reputation era inspired look with a snake ring and a pair of black Doc Martin boots.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Reputation Album Long Black Mirror Dress Taylor Swift Reputation Dress

AMARRA 88553

This long strapless dress is sure to get you noticed and is the perfect pairing for an unforgettable Eras Tour night. Only a rebel would wear a dress covered in mirrors to a concert. Get ready to turn heads and have all eyes on you (including Taylor’s).


Lover Eras Tour Outfit Inspo

We “promise that you’ll never find another like”...these! Lover is all about a pastel color palette and layers of airy, whimsical fabrics. Your Eras Tour outfit should look (and feel) like you’re stuck in the clouds with unicorns and Funfetti cake. If it has rainbows, butterflies, or hearts, you’re good. If it also includes sparkles, even better. No matter what you choose to wear, your Lover Eras outfit isn’t complete without sparkly knee-high boots or a pink heart drawn around your right eye.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Lover Album Short Purple Beaded Butterfly Dress Taylor Swift Lover Dress

Sherri Hill 55075

We know, we have butterflies, too! Sherri Hill 55075 is the perfect Eras Tour dress. This short dress is liquid beaded and features thin straps with a beautiful butterfly bodice. If your favorite song “ME!”? If so, this is your dress!


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Lover Album Short Pink Tulle Dress Taylor Swift Lover Dress

Portia & Scarlett PS24670

Who wouldn’t love to wear this unique short dress to the Eras Tour?! Portia & Scarlett PS24670 is a short pink strapless short dress that reminds us of a fluffy cloud. Accessorize this look with rhinestones boots, earrings, or purse for the most dreamy Lover look!


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Lover Album Short Beaded Dress Taylor Swift Lover Dress

Jovani 25925

“I don't wanna look at anything else now that I saw you” is exactly what people will say when they see you wearing Jovani 25925. Is it just us, or does this short sequin dress resemble Taylor Swift’s custom sequined Versace bodysuit seen on her Eras Tour? The nude color mixed with colored beadwork and sequin details ensure that you’ll be shining all night long.


Folklore/Evermore Eras Tour Outfit Inspo

Folklore and Evermore embody a cozy cottage core vibe. These sister albums revolutionized the term folk by transforming it from a music genre into a fashion aesthetic. Think rustic florals, flowy fabrics, and neutral color tones mixed with silver accents (thank you, “Mirrorball”). Combat boots, flower crowns, and bohemian braids are great ways to accessorize a laid-back, indie-inspired tour look.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Folklore Evermore Album Short Nude Floral Dress Taylor Swift Folklore Dress Taylor Swift Evermore Dress

Jovani 25855

This short dress is a bold take on an earthy aesthetic. The fitted silhouette and beaded flower motif are giving rustic woodland charm. “One single thread of gold” adds the finishing touch to this outfit by offering a lace-up, strappy back.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Folklore Evermore Album Long Floral Print Dress Taylor Swift Folklore Dress Taylor Swift Evermore Dress

Sherri Hill 55541

This dress is perfect for the concert-goer who wants to feel like they are walking in a field of wildflowers. Sherri Hill 55541 is a long, rustic dress with off-the-shoulder puff sleeves. Ruffles cover the entirety of the flowy tulle fabric and create the ultimate cottage core vibe for the Evermore era.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Folklore Album Short Silver Shiny Mirror Dress Taylor Swift Folklore Dress

Sherri Hill 53470

If you’re going to channel Folklore, looking like a walking disco ball is one way to do it. This dress is nothing short of mesmerizing. Imagine the cut glass mirror pieces reflecting light from every direction at the Eras Concert. The only flaw? The dress needs a disclaimer that reads: “You’ll find me on my tallest tiptoes, spinning on my highest heels, shining just for you.” Complete this look with all the silver disco accessories your heart desires.


Midnights Eras Tour Outfit Inspo

The Midnights Era is only in its beginning phase. Only time will tell what the style aesthetic will be. However, we have yet to see an outfit from Taylor Swift that we aren’t obsessed with. Midnights might just be our favorite era to date. The best way to describe it is 1970’s glam. To accomplish a Midnights outfit, be sure to include shades of navy mixed with silver and lavender accents, astrological embellishments, and of course an abundance of sparkle!


Johnathan Kayne 2655S

When you walk into the Eras Concert wearing this sequin dress, you’ll make “the whole place SHIMMER!” This short Johnathan Kayne dress is drenched in iridescent sequins and imitates stars in a dark sky. Find a dress that represents Midnights better...we’ll wait.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Jumpsuit Midnights Album Long Navy Plus Size Beaded Jumpsuit Taylor Swift Folklore Dress Taylor Swift Midnights Dress

Sydney’s Closet SC9108

This navy blue jumpsuit has us feeling “so in love that we might stop breathing.” The sequin and fringe details add a hint of glam, while the wide leg pants and pockets hit on the 1970’s trend. This powerhouse plus size jumpsuit is a fabulous excuse to wear a modern, eye-catching Eras Tour outfit.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dress Midnights Album Short Black and Silver Beaded Dress with Stars Taylor Swift Midnights Dress

AMARRA 87126

“Once upon a time, the planets and the fates and all the stars aligned.” Even though this short dress isn’t navy blue, it has silver and beaded star motifs that will have you glistening and gleaming at the Eras Tour like the star you are. Get ready to have all eyes on you and bring out your inner goddess in this stunning beauty.


We hope you have the most amazing time at the Eras Tour! If you haven’t seen the trailer for the Eras Tour Movie, check it out now. Then be sure to check out our inventory to order through our website, as well as our in-store inventory available in our Denver, Colorado shop. We accept walk-ins, and our knowledgable stylists are ready to make you look your best for any occasion!